Get IRCTC SMS again if IRCTC ticket booking SMS failed

Get IRCTC SMS again if IRCTC ticket booking SMS failed

IRCTC ticket booking SMS is still undelivered to your mobile! So you want to makeIRCTC SMS resent by IRCTC. All right! Know it how to get IRCTC ticket confirmation SMS again if somehow SMS sent by IRCTC is not received to mobile.

What is IRCTC Ticket Booking Confirmation SMS

After booking online rail ticket from IRCTC website, an IRCTC user gets ticket confirmation SMS from IRCTC. The SMS so sent to mobile number of IRCTC user contains important passenger information such as PNR, train number, date of journey, class type info, source & destination station codes, passenger name, coach number, seat number, fare amount, surcharge amount, etc. Due to IRCTC’s “go green” initiative, these days, IRCTC Ticket SMS may be used as e-ticket while traveling in train. So rail passengers also dont want to take a printout of IRCTC e-ticket instead they want to receive IRCTC ticket confirmation SMS in their mobile phone so that they can show that SMS whenever ticket checking staff in train asks them for the ticket. check PNR Status now

Why Resending of IRCTC SMS is Needed

Since IRCTC SMS may also be treated as a replacement of PrintOut of e-Ticket. So people who booked IRCTC e-Ticket require confirmation message to retain in their mobiles. For various reasons resending of IRCTC SMS is needed, few of them are:-
  • Due to mobile network problem, at times, IRCTC SMS is not delivered to the users mobile after the ticket booking process is completed.
  • Since rail traveler can travel in train without e-ticket print out so resending of IRCTC SMS is necessary if the previous sent ticket confirmation SMS by IRCTC is lost any way.
  • Ticket confirmation SMS sent by IRCTC may be, sometimes, undelivered for some technical reasons also.
  • It is also possible that IRCTC users receive the ticket confirmation message after completion of e-ticket booking process by IRCTC butSMS got deleted accidentally or otherwise.
  • Some users want to get IRCTC SMS resent for checking if SMS resending facility is working correctly.
Besides above, there may be some other reasons also for getting IRCTC SMS again.

How to Get IRCTC SMS Again

IRCTC online user, who wants to get IRCTC SMS again for any e-ticket booked, have to follow these easy steps:
  • Log in to your IRCTC online account.
  • Click on plus (+) of “My Transaction” link from the left tab. For this, you will be prompted to enter your IRCTC password once again.
  • Now, click on “Booked History” link.
  • You will see that the recently booked tickets details are displayed in the right tab.
  • Now, select your particular ticket for which you want to get “IRCTC confirmation SMS again”.
  • Finally click on “Get SMS” button (situated in the most left).
  • You are done now; you will soon get the IRCTC confirmation SMSagain to your mobile number.
how to get irctc sms again
This way an IRCTC user can easily gets IRCTC ticket confirmation SMS once more.
By now you have known how to get ticket re-SMS from IRCTC. Hence, you don’t have to worry if the ticket confirmation SMS is undelivered at the time of e-ticket booking or somehow IRCTC SMS is mistakenly deleted from your cell-phone. You can re-receive IRCTC SMS to your mobile using the easy steps described above tore-get SMS from IRCTC.

Your feedback, comments, suggestion, etc. always help us to serve you better so do write your own views on re-receiving IRCTC ticket booking confirmation SMS


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